I am a mother, a writer, and an organizational scholar living in and leading from the spaces in-between. Education and equity are my passions.

As founder and principal consultant for Equity Within, I’m a knowledgeable and approachable consultant and public scholar with lived experience and research expertise that provide a deep understanding of equity issues facing education organizations, as well as a wide network of relationships and friendships that extend that expertise.

I have more than 20 years of experience within higher education administration and teaching expertise. I understand how administrative policies can impact the equity throughline within education communities.

As a researcher, educator, and consultant, I support organizations through the vehicle of Equity Within to listen deeply and assess the structures, policies, and culture within their organization to make the necessary changes to create a more equitable, compassionate, psychologically safe internal environment.

in Higher Ed

I am a Ph.D. candidate who has worked within several higher-ed institutions as a staff member in public affairs, development, community relations, student affairs, and as an instructor. 

Through Equity Within, I am available to speak, consult, or teach on issues related or systemic inequity that shows up in organizational practices. My many years of experience in education also gives me a wide network of relationships and friendships for collaborative partnerships that extend my expertise.


My dissertation project is connected to professional staff and the Great Resignation and is tentatively titled, “We don’t even have a name”: Women knowledge workers in higher education show themselves out.


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