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Through Speaking, Consultation, and Coursework, we help you shore up your organization’s equity throughline.

M, Yvonne Taylor, Founder and CEO

Let’s redefine your approach to equity — together.

Working directly alongside education community members, at all levels, we help you practice what you preach in the equity arena. Through our speaking, consultation, and courses, you’ll learn to diagnose your equity problems and attend to them, by listening to the most relevant research and the expertise and experience of your employees.

Speaking, Courses, & Consultation

Gender and Race

Learn how gender and racial inequities are embedded into common policies and practices and how they can lead to employee disengagement, pay inequality, and more.

$ Talks Your Walk

Where we put our money says a great deal about what and who we value. Explore hidden ways that budget allocations speak to your equity values and how to make sure yours are in alignment.

History Matters

Learn how your organization’s history may be impacting its structure and culture and how looking to the past may help you recognize and address inequities for a more equitable future.

Job Descriptions

Explore how traditionally written job descriptions can harbor hidden gender, racial, and ableist biases that can affect who applies, is hired, and promoted, impacting your equity goals.

Who’s Hidden?

Learn what marginalization in your organization may mean in and how you can begin centering hidden voices to create a more equitable workplace and organization change.

Psychological Safety

Learn what it is, isn’t and why it matters, especially knowledge work and for people who may be experiencing marginalization in your organization.

Equity Within
Mini-Course: Critical
Race Theory 101

CRT underlies Equity Within’s consulting work. Curious? Sign up to take this self-paced course through Google Classroom. Courses are Pay-What-You-Can (suggested minimum : $15).

  • Learn what Critical Race Theory (CRT) is, and what it isn’t
  • Familiarize yourself with how CRT connects with all our society’s systems
  • Understand how the lens of CRT can help you begin to see hidden inequities within your org’s structure, policies and processes.

Let’s co-create equitable education
communities that help heal our systems
one organization at a time.