About Equity Within

“All of society meets within the halls of our educational organizations.”

Dr. Terrance Green

Schools, universities, and education nonprofits are foundational to our society. The community within them needs to be supported in order to ensure equity is embedded throughout these organizations.

Rather than providing traditional diversity, equity, and inclusion training, M. Yvonne Taylor of Equity Within’s speaking, consulting, and short courses focus specifically on the organizational structures and processes needed to shore up the equity throughline.

The equity throughline is the equity thread that runs throughout your organization – from its structure to its policy and practices to its outcomes. Your equity throughline is experienced by your staff and students and impacts recruitment, retention, belonging, and outcomes.

Through working together, you will develop the foundational knowledge to shore up your organization’s equity throughline, by learning how to evaluate your organization for equity and how to create an inclusive ecosystem that incorporates all of your educational community – staff, faculty, administrators, and students – to help create lasting systemic change.

Our Approach

Equity Within’s speaking, consulting, and courses focus on specifically on the organizational structures and processes that shore up your organization’s equity throughline. We use research-based strategies and education to help organizations learn to diagnose their own inequities and develop processes to root them out.

M, Yvonne Taylor, Founder and CEO

Shore up your organization’s equity
throughline by working together.

Learn to:


Recognize and dismantle built-in systemic inequities based on an evaluation of your organization’s structures, policies, and practices.


Collaborate with historically marginalized staff, faculty, students, and administrators by joining together at decision-making tables.


Co-develop an action plan that invites real change at a structural level.


Create an environment with employee psychological safety top of mind, leading to more innovation and retention.


Increase odds of successful outcomes for your education community.


Create sustainable community within your organization that positively impacts lives.

Yvonne in Conversation about Equity Within

Success Stories

Openstax Equity

Yvonne created this pilot course for OpenStax at Rice University. The EA course was designed for ed-tech developers to learn about equity in education and inequity in tech to help them attend to equity in their organizations and products.

Address Systemic Inequities

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